Simulations of quantum many body systems


Participating institutions

A PhD-level 3-semester course shared by tele-teaching among the following institutions

(This list is still tentative and incomplete)

Course credits and signup

The course will be formally offered independently at all participating institutions and not as an ETH course. Students wanting course credit should talk to their advisors how to sign up locally for the course. Ideally the course should be formally announced and offered at each participating institution. Also, exams and course credit will be decided at each participating local institution.

Course Overview

The goal of this course is to offer students at the Master and PhD level an introduction to simulation methods for quantum many body systems in condensed matter physics, taught by experts of the various methods. In particuar the course will cover the following topics:



Dates and times

The time is Thursday, 16:00-18:00 CET, which is 10:00-12:00 ET, 9:00-11:00 CT and 8:00-10:00 MT except in weeks where daylight savings time differs between Europe and the US.

Connection information

Connection information and contact information for our technical staff can be found here: ethinfo.pdf. We will also provide a web stream and record the lectures.

Mailing List

A mailing list has been set up to facilitate communication:

Tentative Course schedule

1st semester (spring 2010)

  • Introduction to the lecture series (Matthias Troyer) 25 February 2010
  • Monte Carlo simulations - an introduction (Werner Krauth) 4 March, 11 March, 25 March, 1 April 2010
  • Quantum lattice models (Matthias Troyer) 8 April 2010
  • Exact diagonalization (Andreas Laeuchli) 15 April, 22 April, 27 May
  • The density matrix renormalization group method (DMRG) 29 April, 6 May, 20 May

2nd semester (autumn 2010)

  • Path integral quantum Monte Carlo methods (QMC)
  • Dynamics from DMRG
  • Series expansions

3rd semester (spring 2011)

  • Electronic structure calculations
  • Dynamical mean field theory
  • QMC methods for fermions
  • Variational and Green's function Monte carlo methods
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