Welcome to the Personal Wikis Wiki at ETH Zurich D-PHYS

In this wiki every D-PHYS user can login and create private as well as public wiki pages in his own namespace.

There are two namespaces for every user, a private one whose pages only readable by its owner, and a public one where pages are world readable.

For example the user “abe” can edit all pages which start with “private:abe:”, e.g. private:abe:example, and all pages which start with “public:abe:”, e.g. public:abe:example. Those pages which start with “private:abe:” can only be accessed by the user “abe”, while those which start with “public:abe:” can be read by anyone.

:!: This wiki is currently in its beta phase and things may still change.

In case of questions contact the ISG.

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