Welcome to the GSEG Student Lab

The computer provided within this lab are equipped with the software and hardware necessary to provide you a full environment for your practice and work.

Lab HIL/C/71.3

This lab provides 6 machines (gseg-lab101 - gseg-lab106) and is mostly used for practice.

Lab HIL/C/62.1

This lab is equipped with 12 machines (gseg-lab201 - gseg-lab212) and can be used for your individual works and projects. Ask your supervisor to get a seat assign to you.

Provided Software

All computer are installed with Windows 7 and the following list of software:

Standard Software

  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Adobe Reader
  • Apple Quicktime Pro
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • VLC Media Player
  • Java Runtime Edition JRE
  • 7-ZIP
  • Putty
  • WinSCP
  • Gimp
  • Treesize Pro
  • Libre Office
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • ETH Fonts
  • Sophos Antivirus Client
  • Activestate Perl

Special Software

AutoCAD 2013
ArcGIS Desktop 10.3
ArcGIS_Desktop10_Tutorial 10.3
QGIS 2.12.1
Matlab 2015a
NXT Lego Mindstorms Toolbox for Matlab 4.07
Adobe Acrobat Pro 11
Adobe Illustrator CS6 only in LAB HIL C62.1
EasyTransformator 2.1
VRMLview 3.0
GeoSoftware 1.05.0000
GeoSuite 1.3.1235
Leica GeoOffice 8.4
Leica Simulator TPS1200 8.71
Leica Simulator GPS1200 8.71
Leica Simulator SmartWorx Viva 5.05
Leica Simulator Captivate TS60 1.30 only in LAB HIL C71.3
Geomagic Foundation 2015
Faro import converter for Geomagic Foundation 17.2
ZF Laser Control
Trimble Office Business Center 3.10
CDBurnerXP 4.5.4
GoogleEarth 7.1.5
Inkscape 0.91
IrfanViewer 4.41
Textpad 5.0
USB-RS232 Adapter ATEN/PL2303 1.0.075/1.6.0
geomOffice TCR 407
Faro Scene 5.5.0
Mathtype 6.9b
rmDATA rmGEO 4 incl. GeoProject and Trimble Add-on's 4.x
rmDATA GeoModeller
rmDATA GeoMapper
Riegl RiScan Pro 2.1.2
MiKTeX 2.9 only in LAB HIL C62.1
TeXnicCenter 2.0.2 only in LAB HIL C62.1
Panda 5.09
MsysGIT 2.6.4
TortoiseGIT 1.8.16

Network and local Disk Storage


This directory can be used by every user on each machine to store working data. This data is not backed up and every user has unlimited access to the data within the directory. If your calculations are finished, copy your results back to your home directory or student share. It's a good practice to copy your raw data you want to run calculations with to the scratch directory rather than keeping them on a network share which may led to poor performance.

Home Directory (H:)

This is your home directory and should only be used for your personal/private data. No other user can access it. For your work consider using the student project share or if you are unsure, ask your supervisor.

Student Project Share (O:)

Here you can store your educational and scientific related data. Talk to your supervisor how to organize your data.

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